Manufacturing Capabilities

Standard Industrial is your manufacturing partner utilizing the latest technology in fiber laser and waterjet cutting capabilities. Leveraging this technology, we can cut almost any material into any shape, leaving a smooth, near-perfect finish. Forming, milling, leveling, routing, tapping, countersinking, welding, and coating are all services offered by Standard Industrial to finish your project on time and on budget.


Complex bends with off-set tooling is no problem for Standard on our Amada and Accupress brakes.

Robotic Welding

Standard offers a full range of welding services to complete your job at a competitive price.


Thermwood Routers are the key to our wood, plastic, and aluminum routing and countersinking capabilities.


We have the capability of cutting everything from fabric and glass on our Omax Water Jet to mild steel and aluminum on our Amada Fiber Lasers.


Standard has the ability to deliver a finished product using liquid and power coatings.

Sub Assembly

In order to meet your time demands, Standard can assemble items, giving you the ability to take them line-side for installation.

Tube Forming

Standard has limitless capabilities to form square and round tube to meet your exact specifications.

Part Leveling

Our 80 ton precision part leveler delivers flat, stress-free parts ready for your next project.

Deburring & Edge Rounding

In order to assure proper adhesion of a powder or liquid coating it is imperative that all surfaces and edges are prepped to an ideal condition.


Our CNC Mills can turn your concept into cash.

Committed to Excellence

Standard Industrial has partnered with Industry leaders in manufacturing equipment and uses the latest in MRP Software to offer:

Quality Manufactured Products

Cost-effective Solutions

On-Time Delivery